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Dress Up 2 Cure is an annual campaign kicking off on April Fools' Day and
continuing throughout Spring to raise awareness and research funds for Rett
Syndrome. The campaign in organized by
Girl Power 2 Cure, Inc., a 501c3
nonprofit organization.

Rett Syndrome is a severe neurological syndrome that almost exclusively
affects girls.

(learn more about Rett Syndrome and watch a short video)

Spring is time to Get Silly, Spread Hope and Cure Rett Syndrome! Think tea
parties, bake sales, pot luck dinners --- even runners running in crazy outfits!
Head back to our
home page to look over four great options for getting

This event is OPEN TO ANYONE interested in helping to find a cure for
hundreds of thousands of girls worldwide.

We are excited to share that Rett Syndrome is potentially reversible
and may be the first curable neurological disorder. We need your help
to get us there!

Rett Syndrome is as prevalent as Cystic Fibrosis, Huntington's Disease and
ALS, but most people have not heard of it.

The answers are out there, let's find the cure!