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  • set a goal and watch your fundraising progress with the online
    thermometer that tracks your donations
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  • invite others to join your team and raise money to meet your
Use the power of your online network to help
raise much needed funds for Rett Syndrome

Send your team page to everyone you know!
Get friends and family to create their own
pages for your team too!

You can just ask for donations, or you can
have people host little events for you and put
the details of the event on their page.

Some ideas: (all done with a touch of
dress up flair of course!)

The EASIEST idea is to find an event that is
already taking place locally this Spring and
approach them about partnering with you and
GP2C. A percentage of proceeds could be

Movie Proceeds - Contact your local
theater; see if $1 of each movie sale could be
donated for the month of April.

Drink of the Month - Contact your local
Coffee Shop and/or bar about having a “drink
of the month,” a portion of sales would be

Fundraising Night at your local
– Work with the restaurant on
how proceeds will be donated. Some will give
you a certain percentage of their total sales
while others will give you all of the money they
earned from selling a certain item. All you
have to do is distribute fliers with information
including location, time, and what the event is
promoting. The restaurant will often allow you
to use their logo on them since it is a great
advertisement for them. Plan to have an
informational table during the event that
includes a donation jar for customers to make
additional donations!
Applebees has a "Dining to
Donate" program.
They give 15% of sales to
anyone who brings in their flyers - the family
just needs to talk to their local Applebees
general manager.
Click here to visit the
Applebees Atlanta area link to the program to
learn more!

Cuts for a Cure – Check with your salon to
host a special fund raising day. Some salons
will ask their staff to donate a portion of their
services or tips.

Instead of asking for donations, how about
raffling off something? Get someone to
donate a few dates of their box seats to a
sporting event or something like that. Sell
tickets for $5 each or 10 for $25.


Casual for a Cause – ask your employer
to consider hosting a “Jeans Day” or “Casual
Day”  the employee’s that participate would
make a donation.

Church Events - dinners, pancake
breakfasts, bake sales, bingo nights, etc –

Car Bash – Get a salvage yard to donate a
car and sell “sledgehammer” time!

Board Game Night - Similar to a poker
tournament, you can charge players an
entrance fee for each game, or you can
charge a flat fee per person for an entire night
of game play. Consider setting up a round
robin tournament where you eliminate players
throughout the evening until a few remain for
the top prize!

Bowl-A-Thon - Make arrangements with a
bowling alley to rent a group of lanes and start
soliciting teams. (Before offering to purchase
lanes, ask them if they will donate lanes for
your cause.) Charge an entry fee per
foursome, for example $80. Have extra
fundraising opportunities at your bowling
event by adding silent auctions, raffling off
donated prizes, selling food items, or running
a cash bar.

Car Wash - Be sure that the space you use
has an exterior water supply and that the
owners are donating their water to you. If you
do not have a connection to a business - gas
stations, fire stations, and community centers
are great places to ask.

Garage Sale - Ask your friends, family, and
co-workers to donate items to your garage
sale, the bigger the better!

Donation Jars - Place money jars at
popular local businesses; on ticket counters,
check-out stations, concession booths, and
deli counters. Decorate your jar with Rett
Syndrome information and include pictures of
your daughter to personalize the cause. (We
can create these for you!)
COOL!  High school students in Arizona made
dozens of ceramic donation boxes and placed them
in businesses all over town! They even had an art
show to display them all!
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Jen Stallings, Program Director
Girl Power 2 Cure, Inc.